Quick Tip: 2-part epoxy mixing tray

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quick Tip: 2-part epoxy mixing tray


Presenting an quick, disposable way to mix two-part epoxy.


Hi Makers, Builders and Hackers. Harley here with a quick tip.

Whenever I'm working on a project that I need some 2-part epoxy on, it seems like I'm always scrounging in the trash for something to mix it up in. Last time I needed this I realized… I had some scrap left over from a previous project, and I realized that the bottom of cans are the perfect thing to mix 2-part epoxy in. They're real easy to… you just take a knife or some scissors and you can just run around the bottom. You're going to be throwing away… planning on throwing this away anyway so it's not like you're using something you'd otherwise be needing. It just seems like the perfect solution for mixing epoxy in. They cut off easily like that. I'm going to bring home a bunch of cans from work and have a nice little mixing tray so I can have them on hand whenever I need to mix up some epoxy.

That's it for tonight. Until next time, go make something. It doesn't have to be perfect, just have fun.