How to make a sewing table

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to make a sewing table

Take a couple filing cabinets, some shelves made out of 2x8s and a 2x4 and end up with a new sewing table.

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[Harley] In this episode of the House of Hacks, I'm going to be making a table for my wife's new sewing machine from mostly recycled materials.

[Harley] Hi makers, builders and do-it-yourselfers. Harley here. My wife Diane is joining me today as a special guest.

[Diane] Hi. Harley recently got me a new sewing machine and serger.

[Harley] The new machine is designed for quilting and is much larger than the old one.

[Diane] So we had to make some changes to my sewing room for a new workflow.

[Harley] Part of these changes was to make a new table for her sewing machine.

[Harley] This project used mostly recycled items. My employer had a bunch of old stuff they were going to have a scrap company come in and haul off just to get them out of storage. They gave employees first crack at these items so I picked up a bunch of file cabinets designed for cubicles. We used two of them in this project for storage and support on one side.

[Diane] Almost 30 years ago I made some shelves out of 2x8s. They served their purpose well but no longer fit our needs, so we cut them up and used them as the top and one side. A couple 2x4s, bolts and washers were all we purchased. The total project cost was less than $16.

[Diane] Here are the highlights from that project.

[Highlight reel]

[Harley] I hope this project inspires you to use things in slightly different ways than they were originally intended to meet changing needs.

[Diane] Obviously if you need to build a sewing table, what you have available will probably be different from what we had, but perhaps you can find something appropriate to accomplish your task.

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[Diane] If you have any thoughts or questions, Harley would love to hear them in the comments below.

[Harley] Until next time, go make something. it doesn't have to be perfect, just have fun!