Best videos of 2017 at House of Hacks

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Best videos of 2017 at House of Hacks


What were the best videos of 2017 here at the House of Hacks? Today Harley looks at this year's top 5 videos, talks about what worked and what didn't and plans for 2018.
  1. What is dielectric grease and why should I use it?
  2. How to convert fluorescent tubes to LED using ballast bypass (part 2)
  3. Canon EOS 77D unboxing
  4. How to use french cleats to hang a mirror, picture or TV
  5. Unboxing an Impact 7' wall-mounted boom arm for photography studio equipment

Tomahawk DIY collaboration

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There's a playlist containing videos talking about the House of Hacks' values.

And here’s the most recent video.

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Today at the House of Hacks, I was looking at the channel analytics and...


Hi Makers, Builders and Do-it-yourselfers. Harley here.

Today's a wrap up of 2017 here at the House of Hacks. I'm going to count down the top five videos, take a brief look at some of the analytics and touch on what I'm thinking of for 2018.

But first, I want to give a great big, huge "Thank You!" to everybody who watched, liked, shared and subscribed to this year. It really means a lot to know that what I shared, you found helpful or encouraging in some way.

Links to all the top five videos can be found either up here in the cards or down below in the description.

Number five was an unboxing video for a seven foot long, wall mounted boom arm that's used in photography studios. My buddy Rich got this for his studio to mount lights or cameras on. I did a second video to make an adjustable, wall-mounted bracket for it.

Video number four was about hanging a mirror on the wall with French cleats. These are handy for hanging things that you want to easily reconfigure or large or heavy objects, like TVs or pictures.

And I want to say this year was a record breaking year for the number of videos. I posted more videos this year than all the years previously combined on this channel.

And this is mainly due to participating in Vlog Every Day in August. VEDA accounted for 31 videos just by itself. One thing I learned from the VEDA videos was videos talking about making things aren't as popular as videos actually making things.

Video number three was another unboxing video. This time it was the Canon 77D that I got the first day it was released. By posting that video on the first day it was released, I was able to catch the trending wave from the new release.

Reviewing the channel analytics for the year, one number really blew my mind. There were over a million minutes of House of Hacks videos watched this year. I never would have imagined that kind of response five years ago when I first started this channel and I am truly humbled. Again, I want to say a great big "Thank you!"

The number two video was about converting fluorescent lamps to LEDs using a ballast bypass method. This was the second in a series of videos about converting fluorescent tubes to LEDs. I have plans for a couple other LED lighting videos and looking forward into 2018, I have a huge number of ideas. Unfortunately, way more ideas than I have time for.

There's the last two videos of the Bits of Binary series as well as a Boolean series that I'd like to do. These two series I know aren't terribly popular, there's not a lot of search for them on YouTube. But they are very foundational for a third series that I have an idea for... talking about the very foundations of modern computers.

There are a bunch of Contraption Dissection videos that I want to do, taking things apart, looking at how they work and scavenging materials for future projects. There's project videos for making new things. Repair videos for fixing things. Photography technique videos and other things that I haven't even thought of yet.

If there's anything in particular that you'd like me to cover or go more in-depth in, leave a comment below. I read all the comments and try to respond to all of them.

And if you haven't already, subscribe and click the bell notification icon and YouTube will notify you whenever there's new videos posted.

And the number one video was a collaboration one I did with Mike over at Tomahawk DIY where I talked about the why and how of using dielectric grease in connections in your car. Check out his channel in the link below.

Thanks for joining me on our creative journey here in 2017.

And until next year, go make something.

Perfection's not required.

Fun is!