All about House of Hacks

Thursday, August 3, 2017

All about House of Hacks


Interested in making things? House of Hacks is all about making things out of wood, metal, electronics, software, photography and other similar materials. We're all makers of one type or another. This channel is for those who like woodworking, metalworking, programming, computers, electronics, photography and related things.

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Hi Makers, Builders and Do-it-yourselfers. Harley here.

I believe everyone has a God-given creative spark, but different people manifest this through different ways. The purpose of this channel is to Inspire, Educate and Encourage people that have this creative spark with a bent towards technological, engineering or craft types of things.

I include a number of things in these categories and make videos on topics such as electronics, photography, woodworking, metalworking, home and shop projects or a combination of any of these.

Episodes may contain project overviews or tutorials on techniques or skills useful in making things. They may also include tool reviews.

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Perfection's not required.

Fun is!