August House of Hacks announcement

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August House of Hacks announcement


This month at the House of Hacks is going to be a bit different. In this episode, Harley explains what to expect for Vlog Every Day in August 2017 (aka #VEDA2017).

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Today's the first day of August and I've got a special channel announcement.


Hi Makers, Builders and Do-it-yourselfers. Harley here.

Today's the first day of August and that means the first day of VEDA. VEDA, for those of you that don't know, stands for Vlog Every Day in August. And this is something that happens in the YouTube world, particularly around people that are focused on making videos.

It's a challenge to post a video every day in the month.

Some people record and make videos every day.

Some people batch them up and just simply release videos every day.

Last year I did this on my second channel and I did the former. Every day I recorded, edited and released a video. And that was a big challenge for me because I don't do well on things that I have to do something everyday. My schedule just doesn't work out that way. Some of that has to do with things going on around me in my life and some of that has to do with my own personality.

Here on my primary channel I'm going to do the second technique. I'm going to record videos and batch them up and schedule them in advance. So I'll be releasing a video every day but not necessarily recording a video every day.

There's really two primary reasons I'm doing this.

The first one has to do with the content of this channel. In the past I've done... all my videos have been related to projects or tutorials related to making things. And I wanted to be able to expand on that a little bit and have some discussions about the values of House of Hacks. Why I'm doing House of Hacks, my own personal biography so you can kind of understand who I am a little bit better and kind of the more meta, meta level of discussions that we haven't really had any chance to discuss. So I wanted to take the opportunity this month to have some of those discussions about making things.

The second reason for doing this this month is to try to get better at producing videos. If you've looked at the history of House of Hacks, in the early days I was really haphazard at releasing videos. Starting last year I was able to release on
average one video a month. I think I released a video every month with
the exception of one month, and then the following month I did two. So I was pretty consistent last year although I did miss one month I think. This year so far I think my average has been two a month although the production quality has gone down a little bit. They've been a little bit more free-form, a little bit more informal videos this year.

I'm hoping to be able to in the future produce things more frequently on a more consistent schedule and I'm hoping to develop some systems this month to be able to do that.

So there's kind of two reasons for doing VEDA this month and doing it on the main channel. And that's them.

So what can you expect for this month?

There's a total of 5 weeks, two partial weeks at the beginning and end and three full in the middle.

The rest of this partial week I'm going to be doing just a biographical introduction of myself and a new channel trailer will be released and a couple topics of just kind of general interest about making things.

Next week is the first full week and that's going to be all related to the values of House of Hacks. If you've noticed in previous videos I generally have about a paragraph at the end that I talk about why you should subscribe to House of Hacks and it gives a little bit of the values of House of Hacks, why I'm doing it. I kind of want to dive into that paragraph next week and break it apart, take it phrase by phrase each day and talk about why I chose that verbiage in that paragraph and what that means to me and what I'm trying to achieve with this House of Hacks channel.

The week after that is going to be more kind of philosophical musings around making things. I'm hoping to be able to do at least some of these with my wife so it'll be more of a conversational video rather than a monologue video and you can get a second person's perspective on that.

The week after that are going to be quick tips and I've done these in the past, I already have a playlist of quick tips and these will just be more of the same just all compacted together one after the other on a daily basis to expand that playlist out and give you some more tips for things shop related.

The week after that is the final partial week and those are going to be tool reviews. Again I have a playlist of tool reviews I've done in the past and this will just be a couple more to add to that list.

The last day is going to be a special day. It's going to be live streamed and it's going to kind of a wrap up of the month talking about what I've learned, things I'm going to do in the future, things I've tried and I'm not going to do in the future and any questions that may come up during the month. If you have any questions you want me to address then, leave them in the comments below any of the videos and I'll compile those or show up on the live stream and ask them live.

Now, speaking about live, I'll also, every Sunday is going to be a special day because I'm going to be streaming live every Sunday. Those are all going to be related to photography
related topics. Primarily for beginners. The first one is going to be basically everything that comes in a new camera box, primarily related to removable lens cameras, so mirrorless
cameras and DSLRs. The next couple weeks are going to be kind of skills building for beginning photographers and then the last one is going to be a kick off review of my new Canon 77D which is going to be the first of the review videos.

So that's what's coming up in August.

After August hopefully I'll have systems in place where I can be a little more consistent in my release schedule but they will be going back to regular project related videos, tutorial videos and tool reviews. And there may still be more musings thrown in there but they won't be as many as you'll be getting this month.

That's it for this video and I'll see you again in the next video.

Until then, go make something.

Perfection's not required.

Fun is!