House of Hacks principle: Encourage

Friday, August 11, 2017

House of Hacks principle: Encourage


In this episode of Maker Musings, Harley talks about why encouragement is an important principle for House of Hacks. This is the last of three videos where he unpacks the second sentence in the standard closing that says "Through this channel I hope to inspire, educate and encourage makers in their creative endeavors."

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Encouragement. That's today's topic at the House of Hacks.


Hi Makers, Builders and Do-it-yourselfers. Harley here.

"Through this channel I hope to inspire, educate and encourage these types of Makers."

That's a sentence in the closing paragraph that I have in a lot of my videos. And this paragraph is there to kind of explain the "why," or the purpose or the mission of House of Hacks.

Earlier this week I talked about inspiration and yesterday I talked about education and why those are important to me as part of the mission of House of Hacks.

Today I want to talk a little bit about "encouragement."

Inspiration and education I think are actually forms of encouragement where we get inspired other people and we learn about things and projects that used to seem overwhelming, once we kind of see a little bit more about it and get more background information and have more education in the area then it kind of reduces the size of the project in our minds and we kind of get a handle on it. We get our brains wrapped around it, if you will.

So part of the encouragement of this channel is the inspiration and education that I hope to provide. But another aspect of it is to show somebody doing it. So you can see how it's done and once you've seen how it's done then that gives you encouragement if you will to go and do it yourself. If I can do it then you can do it too.

I know when I've watched people do things, it gives me encouragement that I can go do it also because I can kind of see how everything fits together and I see how the different parts interlock and come together as a whole to produce whatever project I'm looking at. I've been encouraged by a lot of people telling me "hey I can do it," they believe in me, and I want to do the same for others. I want to show them that it can be done and I want to encourage them to go do it themselves.

So that's it for that particular sentence in that paragraph. Tomorrow we're going to be talking about another section in that paragraph, but until then...

Do go make something. Perfection's not required. Fun is!